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Episode 25 – Dialogue With A Composer- Takeshi Furukawa

Friday, 24th of August 2018. Downtown Cologne. Near Neumarkt. A wonderful almost midsummer afternoon offered the perfect framework as a reward for weeks of intensive preparation for this most eagerly awaited encounter. As part of Soundtrack # 15, we were able to win the award-winning composer Takeshi Furukawa for an in-depth dialogue. For more than two hours, he should give us answers to many questions concerning his person and his works. So it was particularly important for us to choose a course of conversation that brings us closer to the person Takeshi Furukawa, what his motivation is, how he describes his compositional process or what role his Japanese roots still play.

From the good two hours 90 minutes can be heard here, which are accompanied by some special selected wonderful music pieces and their background story by Takeshi Furukawa himself from the Playstation 4 videogame The Last Guardian. And since there has never been a conversation translated into German with Takeshi Furukawa, we are celebrating another premiere with this one of our most elaborate episodes yet.

We hope that you like this particular episode as much as we do. A very personal thank you Takeshi for making this all possible!


Takeshi Furukawa – Official Homepage
Takeshi Furukawa at Facebook
Takeshi Furukawa at Twitter

Episode 24 – The Story Behind- Meeting Takeshi Furukawa

This episode serves as an introduction to the wonderful interview with the award-winning composer Takeshi Furukawa, which we will finally release on November 11, 2018.

Who is this Takeshi Furukawa? How did this personal meeting come about in the first place? Why should a music lover remember his name well? We discuss these and more questions once again in a relaxed manner at the kitchen table and hope to make you all even more curious about our next Episode 25.

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The surprise bag | Episode 1 – And now in English, please!

Have a real good one – with our premiere episode in perhaps your favorite language and be part of a more or less groundbreaking experiment for our little podcast. After we, Sabine and TeeJay, already conquered the German podcast landscape are ready to set the next step extending our universe for your pure listening pleasure.


The surprise bag – The Dutch German podcast from the kitchen warmly invites your to take a virtual seat at our kitchen table and listen to a wide variety of surprising subjects exclusively produced for our English speaking audience. As we are a Dutch German couple living nearby The North Sea we really would like to bring Germany and The Netherlands a bit closer to you looking at those two countries from our very special perspective.


And of course we don’t want to miss out on humor, because English is not our mother tongue, but we accept the challenge of improving our language skills from episode to episode. Also, you are very much invited to take part by giving feedback by commenting directly at our website, via Facebook or on Soundcloud. As you can read plenty of ingredients for an interesting attempt to approach yet unknown territory for us and we are so much looking forward if you follow us along.


And now… let’s get ready to podcast and have a real good one.


Your sincerely… Sabine, TeeJay together with Cherry and Kiwi