Friday, 24th of August 2018. Downtown Cologne. Near Neumarkt. A wonderful almost midsummer afternoon offered the perfect framework as a reward for weeks of intensive preparation for this most eagerly awaited encounter. As part of Soundtrack # 15, we were able to win the award-winning composer Takeshi Furukawa for an in-depth dialogue. For more than two hours, he should give us answers to many questions concerning his person and his works. So it was particularly important for us to choose a course of conversation that brings us closer to the person Takeshi Furukawa, what his motivation is, how he describes his compositional process or what role his Japanese roots still play.

From the good two hours 90 minutes can be heard here, which are accompanied by some special selected wonderful music pieces and their background story by Takeshi Furukawa himself from the Playstation 4 videogame The Last Guardian. And since there has never been a conversation translated into German with Takeshi Furukawa, we are celebrating another premiere with this one of our most elaborate episodes yet.

We hope that you like this particular episode as much as we do. A very personal thank you Takeshi for making this all possible!


Takeshi Furukawa – Official Homepage
Takeshi Furukawa at Facebook
Takeshi Furukawa at Twitter

One comment on “Episode 25 – Dialogue With A Composer- Takeshi Furukawa

  1. Henning Strauß sagt:

    A truly magnificient episode and encounter of yours my friend TeeJay! I really felt that it was special. You kept very, very calm was a bit of surprising.

    Yours and Mr. Furukawa’s approach that music is also a universal language, which was played as a major theme in Steven Spielberg’s classic science fiction movie CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND from the 1970s. You may don’t know it, but also for me philosophy is a very exciting topic. The „love to life“ – To my regret I never learned latin – is always diverse, which makes it very interesting.

    The mentioned transcendance is surely present. I feel this when I listen to Japanese music and western created Vaporwave and Synthwave. They create the feeling of future never happened. Even if it never happened, the feeling of being alive – this is what music can and must express!

    I do respect Mr. Furukawa’s positons deeply. He acknowlegdes his cultural heritage, which is very fine. But there are a few things I do miss here: His personal artistic influences and how he thinks about them. Is he a fan of a title; franchise + how came it to be that he chose a music career?

    TeeJay that we share a common fascination about Japan, her history, culture, society and most important in the meaning full entertainment, primarly about the kaiju and their ruler: Godzilla.
    Mr. Furukawa’s western sensibilities can be heard in his music throughout. I am happy that he is very open-minded, but I must say this: the music is beautiful, but for my ears: they sound like a Hollywood movie – a good one.

    I miss Japanese elements like we can hear in Akira Ifukube’s pieces. I don’t know if you talked with Mr. Furukawa about Japanese composers and their potential influence.
    That you primarly speak about your favorite title; THE LAST GUARDIAN is no problem, but since he also composed the music for another piece named SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS where titans of German, Greek and Persian influence appear. How was/ is his personal relation to „size“?

    The technical aspects had been surely interesting, but I am a person who enjoys music as it resonates, but not how the artist makes it. I want to being kept in a shroud of mystery which keeps my mind „actively relaxed“ when I don’t know how something is created or what kind of instrument is used.

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